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What we have done.


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MARC is a protocol standard allow libraries to share information electronically. MARC was created at the Library of Congress in the 1960s well before the World Wide Web became a household standard. Because MARC with initiated so early in the computing game it is considered by some to be too complex and detailed to be fully utilized by the softwares of today. Whatever the argument may be the fact remains that 99% of all libraries continue to depend on MARC data as a means to describe the content of their collections. In my opinion, it is the availability of rich searchable data and a patron’s ability to find exactly what they need the reason that libraries continue to be a viable non-profit commodity in a our schools and communities. Library collections reflect the needs and expectations of their clients which demand more and more electronic materials, like streaming video, downloaded video, eBooks, eJournals, Blogs, wikis, gaming, the list is endless. Luckily the complex and detailed nature of the MARC standards allow for the description of any type of material now or in the future. MARC continues to be an invaluable resource to libraries and their users. It is not always clear to library vendors how the library search process is conducted. In order to be found in a collection of one million items a vendor must utilize as much of the MARC standard to facilitate discovery no matter the software or user. There is no search engine optimization for library catalogs and library purchases depend on use statistics. Films for the Humanities became acutely aware of this search process when they began to sell aggregated collections of 1000+ items. The purchasing libraries demanded that MARC data be provided along with the collection. Working with FFH, we aligned their data with MARC standards, recommendations set forth by the Library of Congress, and client feedback to create a MARC record which is valuable and informative.

Scope of work:

MARC data is designed to align with Google search results and the Films for Humanities website.

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Shawnee Mission School District

Updated their entire MARC database with Lexile reading scores