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Analysts, Programmers and <br />Designers Working for You.

Analysts, Programmers and
Designers Working for You.

About Access Educational Media

About Access Educational MediaOur goal is help teachers, students, and consumers find the educational resources they need. This goal begins with an understanding of the end user. Coupled with a robust knowledge of industry standards including retrieval systems, taxonomies, and time-tested library techniques, end users will undoubtedly appreciate and return over and over again to this rich source of digital information. We specialize in converting large data sets into MaRC.  Our conversion process is both efficient and economical.  Teachers and students can search for specific subjects, popular topics, intended age ranges, required playback technology, as well as title, producer, author, distributor, length of time,
accompanying materials, plus more. Improving the
relevancy and accuracy of search results eliminates time
wasted on looking for the needle in the haystack.

It stands to reason that if teachers, students and
customers can find your product easier and faster
they will buy more in the future.

Why do you need Accurate In depth METADATA?